Cleveland Browns Concession Stand

MPA is proud to operate one of the best concessions stands at First Energy Stadium every home game of the Browns season as well as other stadium events!

How it works - Menlo Park Academy earns funds based on our on sales in the stand, so the more we sell, the more we earn!  Last year we earned over $15,000 for MPA!!  

Our Stand - We are located at Stand #148.  It is a great location with a lot of potential.  It is beneficial for us to have the right amount of volunteers for the concession stand.   If we don't get enough people signed up to work a game, the stadium management will assign people to our stand and charge us for the staffing so it takes away from our profits.

Forms - In order to volunteer, the following two forms must be completed: Background Check Form - Criminal History Disclosure.

Game Day - Our leader will arrive at the stadium for the leader's meeting 4.5 hours before game time.  All other volunteers are required to arrive four hours before game time. Check in at the gate where the tram drops you off and proceed directly to our stand (#148).  Gates open (and so does our stand) two hours before game time.  

Join the Parent Square Group and Sign up!- Click here

Important Information:
PARKING HAS CHANGED THIS SEASON.  Parking will be at 1 Cleveland Center. The entrance to the garage is on the corner of    E. 9th St. and St. Clair – see map. There will be shuttles taking employees from the lot to the stadium and back – pick up will be on Rockwell Ave.

·One Cleveland Center Garage on East 9th near the Galleria

·The “LOT FULL” sign will be out but the lot isn’t full – it is there to keep transient parkers out

·No charge to staff

·Enter off St. Clair

·Shuttles start at 10:00am and leave from Rockwell. It is about a 15 minute ride. If you choose to walk to the stadium from the parking garage, its about a 15 minute walk.  

·Postgame shuttles will run as soon as traffic is cleared, This sometimes takes a long time, so it is often easier to walk.

All volunteers and NPO Groups will enter through the NE Gate. The shuttle will drop you off on the corner of Erieside Ave. and W. 3rd (same as last season) – walk up the ramp to the left of the East Gate and you will see the NE Gate to your left.

If you are a returning volunteer and still have your hats from last season, please bring them with you. Groups with new volunteers added to their roster will be issued hats. We will have these for you at stand #148.

SHIRTS: Wear a white shirt. You will be given a shirt to wear over your white shirt once you show up to stand #148. NO OTHER PROFESSIONAL/COLLEGE/HIGH SCHOOL TEAM SPORTS APPAREL (jackets, shirts, hats, etc.) are to be worn into the stadium.    

PANTS: Black pants. No shorts, or leggings.

SHOES:  Closed heel, black or neutral color comfortable shoes. Tennis shoes are fine.

NAME TAGS: This year we have implemented a name tag program. Everyone working in the building is required to wear a name tag. We will have these for you at stand #148.

BAGS: If you are bringing a purse, it must be CLEAR!

Additional Questions? If you have questions please join the ParentSquare group. Need more help? Click here to send an Email to our team leader, Chris Harrison or here for Jessica Tonsing. 

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