Annual Family & Friends Appeal

Many schools conduct annual appeals to pay for expenses that are not covered by revenue alone. Given that Menlo Park Academy is tuition free and only receives about $6,000 per student from the state of Ohio, donations to our Annual Family & Friends Appeal directly benefit the entire school community. These dollars support our amazing faculty members, curriculum enhancements, technology initiatives, educational materials, and student enrichment experiences to name a few.

Our financial contributions collectively — each gift whether large or small -- make a significant difference! Every dollar raised allows us to deliver the enriched program that is part of our mission and helps offset our operational costs — from building rental fees, utilities, technology costs, educator salaries, specialized curriculum materials, and full day kindergarten; to enrichment expense and program specials including unique in-school offerings.  

As individual financial situations vary, so do gifts to Menlo Park Academy. We ask that all of our families support this appeal to the extent they can in whatever amount is comfortable. Our goal is 100% participationat any dollar amount - by all MPA families!  It is the collective generosity of many that will enable us to deliver an extraordinary educational experience to our students.  

Annual Appeal donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.  Our Annual Family & Friends Appeal parallels the school year, launching every fall.  Your gift can be made all at once or you may make a pledge in support of the Annual Family & Friends School Appeal that is paid over a number of months. To make a donation to Menlo Park Academy’s Annual Appeal, click the link below.


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