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Medication Form 

NEW Prescription Medication Form 

Must be used for all prescription and non-prescription medication. 

All children with a severe medical condition/allergy are required to have:

Physician approvedMedical Action Plan (MAP) on file with the school. 

We need the approved plan on file prior to the start of school.  

Feel free to print these and have your child's physician fill them out, or they may provide their own MAP to us. 




Please contact Lynn Wilson if you have any questions, or if you'd like to come in to drop off your child's medication.




2014-15 Registration Forms

Menlo Park Academy requires our families to update important paperwork annually for the health and safety of all of its students.  Thank you for your timely cooperation. 



MPA is proud to operate a concession stand at the stadium for every Browns home game.



How it works - Menlo Park Academy earns funds based on our on sales in the stand, so the more we sell, the more we earn!  Last year we earned over $15,000 for MPA!!  


Training - All volunteers must participate in training at the Browns stadium.  Please choose the appropriate session - if you are returning, you don't need to do the alcohol training again.  New volunteers need to choose the training that includes the alcohol training.  Dates will be pulished when they are determined.

Returning volunteers - Should bring their Stadium ID to gain access to the training session if they still have it.  There is parking available on the street in front of the Grille.  Keep in mind, meters are active until 6pm.  You can also park right across the street at the Port Authority parking lot for free.   

Our Stand - We have always had stand #148.  It is a great location with a lot of potential.  If we don't get enough people signed up to work a game, they will assign people to our stand and charge us so it takes away from our profits.

Game Day - Our leader will arrive at the stadium for the leader's meeting 4.5 hours before game time.  Half of our volunteers need to arrive 4 hours before game time and the other half need to arrive 3 hours before game time.  Just check in at the gate where the tram drops you off and proceed directly to our stand (#148).  Gates open (and so does our stand) two hours before game time.  

Parking - You can park in the Dock 20 off of West 9th Street for $4.00 and take the tram to the stadium.  Click here for details on where to park on game day.  You need to wear black pants, and a shirt & hat are provided for your use when you arrive at the stand.  

When are the games? - We will have the stand open for every Browns home game, including pre-season games in August.  There are sometimes other special events that we have the option to work.  See below for specific game dates and links to sign up to work them.

How to sign up - Links will be added when the game dates are announced.. 

Questions? If you have questions or need help, just click here to send an Email to our team leader, Chris Harrison.


Mrs. Timko

Mrs. Katschke  

1st Grade 

Mr. Thompson

Mrs. Cukrowicz 

2nd Grade

Mrs. Nagy   

Mrs. Rokas

3rd Grade

Ms. Busser

Ms. Hengst

4th Grade

Mrs. Haning

Ms. Brier

Middle School Social Studies

Ms. Shuder


Middle School Math

Mrs. Theiss 

Mr. Burton


Middle School Science

Mrs. Eby 


Middle School Language Arts

Mrs. Belko 


Middle School Social Studies

Mrs. Weber  


Middle School Science & Engineering

Mr. Kiddey 


 K-8 Specials

Specials Site



Menlo Park Academy is committed to helping families stay connected to the important news, events, and activities of the school.

Every Thursday, an email update is sent to families about the busy world of the school and students. As part of the weekly newsletters teachers provide more detailed information about the focus of study areas, upcoming tests, and field trips. Please look for those updates in the newsletter under the "Academic Updates" section.

Archives of the weekly newsletter and other email communications from the school can be found here.
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