Qualifications & Process

Qualifying for Enrollment

Menlo Park Academy serves the needs of students in kindergarten through eighth grade who have been identified as gifted according to the guidelines provided by the Ohio Department of Education.

Enrollment is open to qualified children of any race, color, nationality, or religion. Our admissions process is designed to help families make a strong, informed decision on behalf of each child. 



STEP 1: Testing

Students must achieve a superior cognitive identification on a state approved testing instrument. For more information on accepted tests, please see the ODE website(A few examples are IOWA, CogAt, WISC-V, WIPPSI for preschool age)

Tests must be administered within the last 24 months.

Testing may be secured in the following ways:

Identified at Current School

  • If your student is currently in a gifted program or is already identified gifted, you may submit a letter from the gifted coordinator and the test scores used to qualify your student.

Current School Tests

  • Your student may already have test scores that may be used for identification. Please request the test scores from your school and submit them for qualification.

Home District

  • If your student is currently enrolled in your public district, you may request that he or she be tested for gifted identification at their school.

Menlo Park Academy

  • MPA offers free admission testing for students currently in grades K-8. Please register online at here.

Independent Testing

  • You may pursue independent testing through a private psychologist’s office. Please click here for suggested facilities.

STEP 2: Online application

  • Complete the online enrollment application. Request an application at www.menloparkacademy.com.

  • Provide a copy of the student’s birth certificate.

  • Provide a copy of proof of residency (utility bill: gas, electric, water, or waste within the last two months).

  • Required $100 deposit. This is to be applied toward an enrolled student’s material fee of $500 plus $75 technology fee. Families on a wait list will not be required to pay the deposit until an enrollment placement is secured.

  • Provide school transcripts or records from previous school experiences.

  • Provide a letter of recommendation from a current teacher to assist in classroom placement 

Enrolling Now for the School Year 2017-18

For more information, please contact admissions@menloparkacademy.com or 440.925.6365.

Kindergarten Entrance

The preferred entry point for MPA is Kindergarten. We currently enroll two new Kindergarten classes each school year.  Children who do not have a sibling already enrolled at MPA are eligible for Open Enrollment, which takes place each year in December.  




Required Age for Kindergarten Entrance

Children who turn five by September 30th are eligible for to enroll in MPA's kindergarten class in that school year. 

For children turning five between October 1 and December 31, a parent may request early admission.  In considering these early admission requests, Menlo Park Academy will adhere to the process outlined in its Academic Acceleration Policy and its Acceleration Evaluation Committee will convene in late May to finalize placement decisions.

For children turning 5 on January 1 (mid school-year) or later, Menlo Park Academy will evaluate the child for early admission only if referred by an educator within the child’s home district, a preschool educator who knows the child, or a pediatrician or psychologist who knows the child.  In such cases, the school will also adhere to the process outlined in its Academic Acceleration Policy.

For more information, please contact admissions@menloparkacademy.com or 440.925.6365.

Enrollment FAQs

What happens to students on the wait list? 
Currently, students on our wait list for the current school year will remain on our wait list for the entire school year since completed paperwork and qualifying test scores were already submitted to us. If a spot opens up during the school year, families will be contacted directly. 

What happens to wait list students for the current school year? 
The application on file for current school year does not automatically roll over to the following year. Please note that qualifying test scores, completed paperwork, and proof of residency must all be submitted before applications are considered complete. 

Will that guarantee a spot for your child for the next school year? 
No it does not.  Each school year's enrollment is separate.  Menlo Park Academy may have to conduct a lottery for the open spots available in some grades after our open enrollment period ends. 

How will the lottery work and why does MPA need to conduct a lottery? 
MPA is a public community school and must follow the enrollment process set forth in our charter which states: “If the number of applications exceeds the number of spots available a lottery must be conducted.” Our open enrollment period occurs during the month of January each year. If the number of applications exceeds the number of spots available, we will have a lottery following the open enrollment period. At that time, all applicants with completed paperwork, qualifying test scores and paid fee deposits will be in the lottery drawing. After the lottery drawing, applicants will be notified in writing of their status. All applicants who do not obtain enrollment spots will then be placed on the wait list in case an opening becomes available. 

When do current students re-enroll at Menlo Park Academy?
The preferred enrollment period for current students and their siblings occurs each year in November.  Please note that qualifying test scores (for new students), completed application and the non-refundable $100 material fee deposit must all be submitted before applications are considered complete.


Please contact us at admissions@menloparkacademy.com  or 440.925.6365 if you have any further questions regarding the process. We thank you for your continued interest in Menlo Park Academy and hope that we will be able to serve the needs of your gifted child in the very near future!

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